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The North Carolina Citizens Militia is divided into four Divisions. Each County is recognized as a Regiment with individual units being recognized as a Company. In order to be recognized by the NCCM contact our Public Affairs Officer.

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The North Carolina Citizens Militia has many materials to assist the individual and the unit in preparing and organizing for almost any situation.

The NC Militia is Defensive In Nature

The unorganized or “reserve” militia is comprised of citizens organized, “well-regulated” and pledged to: enforce the laws of the Union, suppress insurrections, repel invasions, and to otherwise preserve and protect this nation and its citizens from all enemies, foreign or domestic. As such the militia is DEFENSIVE not offensive in nature.

north carolina militia privateWe believe that the truths and ideals represented in the Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and Bill of Rights express the core beliefs at the very heart and soul of America and her citizens. Therefore, the militia is pledged to uphold the ideals expressed in this document and does not owe its loyalty to any political party, individual, or organization. We believe that America, and her republican form of government, administered with fairness, honesty and integrity is worth saving.

The potential for governmental tyranny and the external threats to our national security from foreign governments, i.e., the United Nations, is perhaps even greater today than the threats in 1775. This is the catalyst for the formation of organized citizen resistance groups throughout America. Recognizing that the most effective resistance comes from groups, which are organized BEFORE physical oppression begins, it is essential that citizen soldiers, as part of the unorganized militia, organize early to ensure their security and efficiency.

The primary purpose of the North Carolina unorganized, or reserve militia, therefore, is to defend the Constitution of the State of North Carolina and the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Further, it is to uphold and defend Constitutional guarantees as documented by the Bill of Rights to ensure that all citizens regardless of race, color, religion, sex or national origin retain the inalienable rights and opportunities established by the Founding Fathers of this great nation. For this purpose the unorganized militia will:

  1. Establish and maintain well-regulated, trained, equipped and effective militia units, separate from the organized or select militia, and independent of official governmental control, comprised of ordinary citizens and dedicated to the preservation of liberty.
  2. Elect officers, establish a cohesive command and communication structure to facilitate the organization and function of the militia and coordinate its activities with its members, the select militia and lawful authority where appropriate.
  3. Train its members in those disciplines necessary to the functions of the militia.
  4. north carolina militia artillery manEducate members, and the general public, on their national heritage, the duties of the militia, related issues of law, and moral and ethical principlesof civil disobedience, and the legitimacy of resistance to oppressive government based on constitutional and Biblical precedent.
  5. Animate its members to resist tyranny, democracy, humanism, domestic insurrection from within or without government, and the socialist agenda of globalists known as the New World Order, and all others who may threaten our national safety, sovereignty and republican form of government. We seek to bring reform for just and honest constitutional government without resort to threats, intimidation or violence.
  6. In times of crisis, civil unrest, natural disaster, invasion, or internal sedition, and in the absence of action by lawful authority, to act by its own authority within a Constitutional framework to provide for the security of the community, county, the state and all citizens within its ability to do so.
  7. Cooperate and support local officials, and all duly authorized law enforcement officials, in the performance of their duties, upon request and for legitimate and Constitutional activities.
  8. Voluntarily respond to a call from duly constituted and elected authority for actions consistent with Constitutional jurisdiction to work with established law enforcement and organized military units to defend our community, county, and State.
  9. Present the militia to the citizens of the county and State as a properly organized, legitimate, well-equipped, and knowledgeable unit comprised of local citizens and members of the community rather than professional soldiers.
  10. Resist, where necessary with force of arms, offensive acts of violence and in general all those both within and without government dedicated to the subversion or overthrow of our form of government.

To this end, each militia unit is encouraged to seek the protection, wisdom and leadership of Almighty God as they work to protect the liberty and freedom given to all Americans.

The North Carolina Citizen Militia Patch

north carolina citizen militia patchA little over five years ago independent militia units from various parts of the state began to actively communicate and work with one another. It quickly became evident that the principles and ideals of our American republic were still very much alive in many citizens proud enough of their American heritage to recognize their responsibilities as members of the constitutional unorganized militia.

As coordination improved between units, several basic organizational needs were recognized. These included the need for a basic organizational concept, a uniform code of principle and conduct, and a unifying symbol and means of identification.

Origin and Symbolism

At that time several groups were already in process of developing unit patches. There were as many ideas for a common state patch as there were groups. A number of patch designs were considered over a period of many months until it was realized that a unifying patch need only reflect our common militia heritage and purpose.

A standard military style was adopted reflecting the status of the unorganized militia as a military organization recognized by the constitution, and through word and expressed intent by the Founding Fathers. The patch itself is in the form of a simple reinforced shield. The shield represents the militia itself, the armed citizenry which serves as the last, greatest and most formidable defense of our nation, its people, and republican form of government.

The initials NCCM prominently reflect the voluntary association of independent militia units in a statewide alliance which forms the shield. It signifies the identity and independence of the unorganized constitutional militia as separate and distinct from the select militia under the control of the federal government. It lays claim to the inalienable rights of the people to assembly and to bear arms. And, with the inability of the corporate state to assume common law constitutional responsibility for the appointment of officers, it lays claim to the state abdicated Tenth Amendment right reserved ultimately to the people to provide for their mutual security.

The stars of our American flag represent each sovereign state of the Union. North Carolina entered the union as the twelfth of the original thirteen states. Defeated during the War for Southern Independence, the rising star of North Carolina reflects the renewed commitment of the citizens of this proud state, as the unorganized militia, to the defense of constitutional guarantees and principles.

The state patch is recommended, but not required of all NCCM militia units. It does not replace the unit patch. It supplements the unit patch by affirming commitment to defense of republican constitutional government and common cause with the basic principles and standards of the unorganized militia as expressed in the NCCM militia manuals. It provides a means of military identification as required by the Geneva Convention. And, it helps to distinguish those that wear it from the few private militias that have goals and/or political agendas other than those recognized by the Constitution for the United States of America.

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