County Contact Notice

NCCM is updating and expanding its list of county coordinators. We are currently in the process of sending requests to those on our current list to confirm their continuing interest and contact information. In the next several weeks we are asking those who have not already been contacted to please get in touch with us through the NCCM website listing c/o the Carolina Free Press ( or Jeremy Davis, the NCCM PAO, by phone (828/456-8122) to verify their preferred and contingency contact information.

We are also asking your help. We still do not have official volunteers to whom we can refer potential members in approximately 20 out of the 100 counties in the state. In several of the more active counties alternate and/or additional contacts would also be helpful.

Individuals who would like to volunteer for this purpose are also asked to contact us at this time. In doing so you should indicate your county and a point of contact where you can be easily reached. Where possible please indicate if you are available to meet with Jeremy or other NCCM representative(s) to confirm your interest. NCCM is tentatively planning to sponsor information tables at several gun shows in the near future. These shows will normally be listed on the NCCM website. If convenient we invite current and potential new contacts to meet with us during one of these events.

County contacts do not necessarily need to be part of a militia group but should be on good terms and have periodic communication with one or more active group members. If a group member, contact personnel will not be asked and should not be expected to disclose member names or provide other information that could compromise group security without the explicit permission of the group. Contact persons should also be well versed in lawful constitutional requirements for the unorganized militia and be willing to speak on behalf of the NCCM consistent with the terms and intent of its’ manuals.

The participation of each and every one of you who are helping to reestablish the framework of the unorganized [constitutional] militia is greatly appreciated.

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