Supporters Section

We are very grateful for your offer of support. During Peacetime one of the North Carolina Citizen Militias primary goals is to educate and animate the public on what is taking place within the State of the country and around the globe. We educate with our website, our newsletter the Carolina Free Press, and the office of Public Affairs. The Office of Public Affairs is located in Haywood County and has representatives that travel around the State to Gun shows, Community Forums and to visit and educate local militia units on proper unit formation, organization and training. All of this education requires funding.

Here at the N.C.C.M. we depend on you for financial support. We are not patriots for profit and all funds generated do go into resupply of paper, ink, copies, staples, pens, pencils and educational materials. In 1999 the Office of Public Affairs distributed more than 5,000 N.C.C.M. Militia manuals at a cost of $2.00 each. That is $10,000 worth of Militia Manuals; unfortunately that price does not reflect the cost of the Carolina Free Press, primer articles, The N.C.C.M. Officers Manual, or other expenses. In 1999 donations paid for approximately 8% of the total cost of educational materials. Here at the N.C.C.M. we do not charge for materials and by far the great majority of money comes out of the personnel of the North Carolina Citizen Militia, Mountain Division, and 44th Regiment, 1st Companies pockets. We will continue to provide for as long as we can.

What we would like from supporters is any financial help that they can provide. Everything is appreciated and well used. You can mail cash wrapped in a paper sleeve or you can mail us a check, make checks payable to: Jeremy Davis or Jeremy Mathis . Donations are tax deductible. All we can offer you is plenty of educational material and our thanks.

The Office of Public Affairs will always be happy to meet with anyone who would like to visit our Mountain home. Please feel free to use the contact information from our website here to contact any of the Public Affairs representatives.

You can mail your donations to Office of Public Affairs, P. O. BOX 994, Canton, NC, 28716. Please direct any questions or comments to:

Jeremy Davis
Public Affairs Officer
North Carolina Citizen Militia
P. O. BOX 994
Canton NC 28716

Thank You,
Jeremy B. Davis