Visitor Introduction

betsy rossThe sovereign authority of armed citizens to act in concert as a [unorganized] militia was thereby recognized as a preexisting and natural right of the people. Furthermore, the Constitution provides clear constraints on government authority over the militia, limiting its jurisdiction to that part of the militia employed in federal service and then only for certain lawful functions. These are limited to those functions essential to ensure the security of America as a free state and the preservation of our form of governance, i.e., the Laws of the Union among which, pursuant to Article 4, Section 4, include the preservation of our form of government as a constitutional republic.

While government continues its decades long effort to diminish and otherwise disavow the role and identity of the unorganized militia, (and continues to abdicate their Constitutional responsibility to support it), in fact the authority, duty and responsibility of armed citizens as the unorganized militia has never changed. The ultimate responsibility of maintaining a free nation has always and must remain in the hands of America’s citizens.

nc militia flagsGovernment was established to guarantee to citizens the natural rights, protections and form of government defined in the Constitution. Our Declaration of Independence affirms that government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed. Therefore, in intentionally departing from this purpose, in exceeding its delegated powers, govern- ment knowingly sets aside its legitimacy and engages in subversion and domestic insurrection.

The primary purpose of the North Carolina Citizens [unorganized] Militia is to defend the Constitutions of the State of North Carolina and the united States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic. It is to uphold and defend constitutional guarantees as documented by the Bill of Rights, and to ensure that all citizens regardless of race, color, religion, sex or national origin retain those inalienable rights and protections established by the Founding Fathers.

The NCCM does not advocate overt acts of violence and/or aggression. It remains a defense oriented organization. As long as a semblance of constitutional processes, supported by a fair and impartial system of common law, continues to provide an tolerable element of justice, ensure free speech and other basic freedoms, full exercise of judicial, political and legal remedies must be pursued.

nc militia flagLike other constitutional militia organizations, the NCCM recognizes that good government, founded and implemented consistent with Constitutional tenets is not only a blessing, but essential to the function and preservation of a free society. However, there is no ambiguity in the objectives of our current administration. The unmistakable goals are to change our form of governance without the consent of the people, deprive the people of their rights and protections, subvert their freedom and liberty, subject the people to governance by a foreign power,create racial and cultural discord, debase the currency and destroy our economic base,and implement these and other changes by deceit, intimidation and force of arms. Taken together these constitute a clear warning of intent and a portent of future conflict.

This “long train of abuses and usurpations” currently being pursued by government to subvert our nation has compelled the resurgence of the unorganized militia. The principled individuals who participate in the militia are those who not only value their freedoms but have the foresight and wisdom to prepare for the eventuality of crisis and conflict.

History has shown that the fate of nations often rests on the actions of a dedicated few. As most Americans flounder in ignorance and apathy, these men and women of the unorganized militia may be all that remain between the dwindling light of freedom and the darkness of global tyranny.

This website, therefore, is dedicated to the millions of armed Americans who make up the unorganized militia and, in particular, those associated with the North Carolina Citizens Militia and other constitutional militia units and organizations.